Easy Access

With Synaphea you can easily gain access to a variaty of tools and services to meet all your Blockchain needs.

Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain as a Service

Smart Contracts are self-executing contractual states, stored on the blockchain, which nobody controls and therefore everyone can trust.

Developing Tools

Developing Tools

Blockchains are like Excel spreadsheets, but more secure and there is no central authority needed to approve transactions.

Solution Developing

Solution Developing

From initial design through to launch and operation of production networks, we invest in deep ongoing relationships with our partners at whatever stage they’re at in their process.

Industries we touch

Blockchain promises to change the way industries as diverse as supply chain, healthcare, entertainment, financial services, and more, conduct business and execute transactions. Precisely how, and the pace at which, each of these industries adopts blockchain will surely vary.

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Payments are validated by a network of nodes/miners and logged onto the immutable ledger, just like the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Operating and financial efficiency benefits by enabling them to identify the best possible counter-party, utilizing the least company resources, at a significantly lower cost than the traditional chartering house.

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Insurance companies will be able to provide temporal liability insurance. Using smart contracts, an insurance company could charge rates differently based on where and under what conditions customers are operating.

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Decentralized venture capital fund that relies on a wisdom-of-the-crowd voting system to make investment decisions.

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Internet of Things

A bridge between the blockchain and the real world.

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A bridge between the blockchain and the real world.

Our specialization

Everything we build is available to the following blockchain distributions and implementations

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What we are made of

This whole thing got started in 2015 and as rewarding as our history has been, it’s the future we’re most excited about. Each member of our team is here not only because they're ridiculously talented--but because they love what they do.

Andreas Paradise

Andreas Paradise

IT strategist and leader. Passionate about Agile and Lean methodologies. He believes in building teams that are passionate about innovation, applied research and delivering business value to the highest quality.

Dimitris Giannakis

Dimitris Giannakis

He has undertaken the task to create an ecosystem around of DLT and gains insider knowledge into the ways in which DLT can help in variety of industries.

George Theofilis

George Theofilis

He has experience at designing production level software systems. He has been working with DLT authoring smart contracts and creating web-based front ends for smart contract systems.

Our Platform

Synaphea is a team of blockchain professionals who believe that core blockchain technology has many potential applications in the enterprise. We are focused on creating real-world applications that harness the unique properties of the blockchain.

With our platform you gain access to a bundle of tools that allows individuals or organisation to benefit from Blockchain technology assuming little to no knowledge and experience with programming.

Everything from creating your own Blockchain network to creating and maintaining smartcontracts over a Blockchain can easily be achieved through Synaphea Dashboard.

Engage with the blockchain now!

Our platform

Synaphea aims to be a valuable advisor for your needs, both strategically and technically, as we experiment and prototype practical use cases around blockchain.

Commendations and Awards


1st winner team

Fintech hackathon sponsored by National Bank of Greece


2nd winner team

Insurance tech hackathon sponsored by Groupama

be finnovative

be finnovative

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IMF Chief Envisages Large-Scale Shift Towards Cryptocurrencies

IMF chief Christine Lagarde has dedicated her latest two blog posts on the official IMF website to cryptocurrencies. In her latest post, she outlines multiple benefits of crypto and envisages a large-scale shift away from government-issued currencies…


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